Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Read an interesting article in The Star Online :

Rigid security even to surf Net

Basically, the article is about betapa susah/ leceh nak surf the world wide web in Mumbai. If pegi cybercafe, they need to bagi all the basic particulars such as age, sex etc . Not only that, they need to show their photographic-identification card .

Tapi, yang paling ridiculous is kene submit 2 copy of gambar passport!!! Saiko kan? If nak surf internet everyday, kene ada 60 keping gambar sebulan.. Just wonder, owner kedai tu buat apa ngan gambar2 tu.. sampai 2 keping pulak tu! Hantar pegi agen carik jodoh erk?

And all of this sebagai langkah berjaga2 for any terrorists attack as there's some assumption that they communicate via internet..

So, being able to surf the net at your most convenient way, anytime, anywhere.. we should be thankful that we're in Malaysia, regardless for the speed, of course. (Hmm, I wonder how things gonna change after HSBB (what is it? google it!) implementation)

p/s: Orang Mumbai = Mumbaikar ?? Nape tak panggil Mumbaiian?


Monday, December 1, 2008


I'm in the mood of holiday~! Terasa need time-out and go for holiday with hubby & frens. So, saja2 surf harga tiket flight AirAsia. Hmm, tempting...

But, banyak harga yang murah2 is for bulan 8 onwards, which is toooo far away. Lagipon, in case I'm pregnant.. takkan nak burn tiket tu plaks sebab if pregnant more than 6 months, tak boleh naik flight, unless nak go thru all the hassle mintak letter from doctor. If pregnant less than 6 months pon, musti tak boleh nak buat aktiviti2 lasak sangat such as naik speed boat ker snorkeling ke.. etc. hmm..

As now is bulan Dec, the best time for holiday is before May. But, of course ler, harga tiket yang murah2 telah dirembat oleh orang2 lain. Tinggal ler yang tak berapa nak murah and not-so-favourable-destination. Susah ler, budget tak banyak.. Yerla, we are still in 'recovering' period after marriage.. So, financial situation is not that stable. Have a lot of other things to do/ buy.

So far, based on harga yang reasonable and location yg boleh dikatakan menarik, my fav 2 choice would be Kota Kinabalu and Padang, Indonesia. KK sebab murah, tak pernah pegi, SEAFOOD!, shopping... While, Padang sebab sejuk, cantik, shopping.

Preferred date pulaks is antara 28-31 March or 23-26 April. Hubby kata, give him 1 day to decide.. huhuuh.. taktau ler apa decision dier..

p/s: Ikutkan hati nak pegi London or HongKong Disneyland.. tp enggak ada budget, dong!


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

:: Fuel Price ::

This morning, Phat Fabes and Nadia are discussing about FOMCA suggestion of RM3/litre for FLOOR fuel price. Obviously, that suggestion is soooooooo damn ridiculous! Try to call The Pagi's Show to express my opinion, tapi engaged le pulak. Plus, I'm driving at dat time.

That RM3/litre should the CEILING price.. not FLOOR price! Sedangkan price of RM2/litre pon tersedak-sedak nak bayar.. ni kan minimum price set to RM3!

One of FOMCA's reason is to promote people to use public transportation. Hahahahah.. buat lawak ker? People don't opt for public transport for millions of reason, antaranyer :
  • The service is ****ing teribble! LRT selalu rosak, bas dah uzur, etc. Tu tak campur ngan staff diorang tu...
  • The coverage is not wide enuff. Ada banyak lagi tempat yang not accessible via public transport (taxi is not relevant in this issue sebabnyer taxi sangat mahal!).
  • The price of the ticket is not dat cheap! Seriusly, lg murah kalau naik kereta (kongsi kereta is better)
  • Lembap! Sometimes, from rumah kene naik bas pegi LRT station, then, tukar train pulaks, pastu from the station, nak kene amik bas/ taxi to our destination. Obviously, mmg ler lambat dari drive our own car..

Last but not least, for me, FOMCA's suggestion gives benefit only to Rich-People because since all the Poor-People and Average-People can't afford to buy petrol yang mahal, terpaksa ler bersesak2 guna that lousy public transport, so that only Rich-People yang mampu bawak kereta, so takdela traffic jammed and they can be the king of the road.

Life is fair, huh?!



Friday, November 21, 2008

:: ACCA ::

I always have a big interest to become an ACCA holder, even before I pursue my Degree in Accounting. Sebabnya, for me, ACCA is the most establish professional accounting body, recognised worldwide. I just want to be a Certified Accountant :)

Last month, Yayasan TM open the application untuk pembiayaan for staff yang nak sambung belajar. So, tanpa berpikir panjang, I grab the opportunity and apply for it.

This morning, I attend the interview session bagi proses pemilihan for sponsoring staff for ACCA. Huhuhu, rasa giler cuak because it has been longgggggg time since my last interview. Then, before masuk, find out that one of the panel is my GM, En Radzuan. Adush, cuak kuasa dua!

Time masuk bilik interview tu, mmg tersangat ler ketar. But then, all the panels (4 of them) relaks jerk, so, I just make myself comfortable. Overall, the interview when well, even I can't answer some of the question (ada ker die tanyer berapa TM's revenue for Quarter 3, 2008! Mmg tak ingat ler..) But, as always, if I get the 2nd change, I'm definately will do a whole lot better!

Dunno when will they announce the result, but I'm pretty sure it's soon.. Hopefully, I get it :) Insya-Allah

Tapi, am I ready to be a student again? Otak dah berkarat, banyak komitmen, adush! It's going to be tough but I take it as a challenge :) (dapat pon tak lagik, dah berangan.. eheheheh)



Friday, November 14, 2008

:: Happy Birthday Day o_00 ::

:: Punch? Tag? ::

I've 3 card to tag on my way to work..

Perjalanan pergi kerja
  1. Apartment access card - out
  2. Touch n go - tol sg ramal
  3. Touch n go - tol kajang
  4. Touch n go - tol sg besi
  5. Staff card - parking in
  6. Staff card - floor access in

Perjalanan balik kerja

  1. Staff card - floor access out
  2. Staff card - parking out
  3. Touch n go - tol sg besi
  4. Touch n go - tol kajang
  5. Apartment access card - out

So, in total AT LEAST 11 kali I tag all the cards daily. Tu tak masuk kalau keluar pegi toilet etc.

Oleh kerana itu, selalu ler tersalah tag. Contoh, time kat parking office, ter'tag' kad touch n go. Or tag Staff card kat touch n go..

Conclusion nyer, Ada ker sistem/ cara supaya boleh combine all 3 cards so that takdela malu biler tersalah 'tag'?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

:: Today is Wednesday ::

Being a typical human being, my favourite day of the week is Saturday coz it's weekends (obviously!). So, I can do all the fun stuff, pending action etc. It's all about hubby, family and friends! Isn't it great!

Sunday needs to fall to no 2 due to the fact that the next day is Monday, the first day of work! So, I rather spend my Sunday doing something very relaxing. That's y ppl call it Lazy Sunday!

So, here come the weekdays and the award goes to FRIDAY (or flyday, proclaimed by FlyFM annoucers :D) Why? Clearly because it's the end of weekdays, prove that I survive 5 working days and tomorrow is holiday!

Next, I love Wednesday sebabnyer hubby balik awal on Wed sebab it's Sony's No OT Day! Yeay! So, boleh lepak2, spend quality time with hubby :) Muahs

5th place is shared by Tuesday and Thursday! Coz both days are my fav TV day! Yeay! Love 90210 and Grey's Anatomy on Tuesday and of course, Amazing Race Asia and Heroes on Thursday!

Last but not least, sorry, Monday coz u've to be the last and will forever be last.. You are like the ugly duckling. Pity you but I guess, many ppl hate monday as much as I do, so I guess, you used to be hate... hihihiih

I live my life to the fullest and I love it!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

:: Kontrak ::

One of my staff, SNA is pekerja contract in Tele-temps. In order words, she's not TM's staff even she works in TM.

Kesian kat SNA n all pekerja kontrak ni sebabnyer their salary is soooooo low. Can you imagine she have to survive every month with RM1200. Tu tak tolak EPF lagi. How can we survive duduk KL mcm ni, kan? Teringat time mula-mula I start work in TM as a Executive Sandaran with RM1100 salary.. Mmg perit!

Plus, she's not entitled for TM's benefit such as medical, loans, increment, bonus, esos etc. If sakit, kena pegi govt clinic. Bila orang lain tgh happy dapat increment, bonus or ESOS, dia just bleh tengok jerk.. Kesian kan..

Lagi satu, she really nak balik Kuantan, her hometown. Plus, her boyfriend is in Kuantan. So, mmg hati tinggal ler kat Kuantan tu.. eheheh

Due to that reason (salary + benefit + location), she actively carik keje lain. Kitorang pon tak boleh ler nak selfish coz that's her life and obviously stay in TM with that condition is not an option. Lucky for her, semalam, keluar result that dia dapat keje kat Jabatan Akauntan Negara. Cuma, belum tau dapat posting mana.

As a result, kitorang ni mmg gelabah ler. Nak carik replacement as good as her (yes, she's a very good worker). If dapat replacement, kena go thru all the training process balik. Lepastu, Kak dell pulak next week dah start leave for Haji. Adoi.. mmg pening kepala...

Back to SNA's story. Sedih sangat terpaksa let go such a good worker like SNA. Bengang je ngan policy TM which tak boleh absorb contract staff to become permanent (bodoh kan?) And sebab nak jaga budget (opex especially), kene ambik contract staff. For me, it's not a good policy in the long run. Haih..

Hopefully dapat replacement cepat-cepat + rajin + senang nak diajar + stay lama skit.. Tak larat dah nak go thru all d process all over again..

Summary : I'm going to be very busy this 2-3 months.. Adeh! Nak tukar department, boleh?

Monday, November 10, 2008

:: Missing d Girls ::

I miss my girlfriends.. A LOT!

Lepas kahwin ni, I seldom hang out with them. Not because that I'm too busy being a wife.. It just we don't have an opportunity to hang out

Antara sebab utama adalah lokasi. Yes, I live in Bandar Baru Bangi, while T live in Subang and D is in KJ. So, if takat nak keluar minum2 or lepak2, mmg agak susah ler..

Another reason is skrg, I have a hubby. So, hubby is fully responsible for me. So, kalau boleh, if nak hang out after office hour, tak boleh ler balik lambat sangat sebab nanti I've to drive alone back to Bangi.

And since I've been married, diorang segan nak datang melepak2 my house. Yerla, skrg dah ada hubby.. Malu le konon.. ahahhah

But, the big reason is sebab takde peluang.. Three of us mmg sibuk jer every weekend. Susah nak carik weekend yang all the 3 of us, free from any event, komitmen etc.

Really miss them a lot! Rindu nak lepak2 sama2, baring2 atas katil sambil borak2, out for movie, shopping together, makan2 at all type of kedai, from gerai tepi jalan to fancy restaurant. Uwaaa.... I need a break for a wonderful weekend with my girlfriend!! *sigh*

Hopefully, tahun depan, if ada rezeki.. boleh go on vacation with the girlfriends! It will be so much fun! *pray*

To my girlfriends.. sorry for not spending time with u lately.. I still love all of you :) *hugs*


Thursday, November 6, 2008

:: Sweet Treats ::

I have a sweet teeth. NOKTAH!

Saya suka desert.. Desert makes me happy :) I love all kinds of deserts.. chocolates, cakes, ice-cream, pudding, kuih, cookies, fruits, drinks!

That's y, i looooveeeee to make my own desert.. Paling suka, buat pudding.. Coz it's nice, sweet, cold and easy to cook! This week, saya buat Rich Choc Pudding. Memang sedap!! ahahhaha!

I always craving for desert.. almost everyweek, saya ada mengidam satu benda2 manis nie..

This week, I'm craving for Wondermilk's cuppacakes ..
Last week, teringin nak makan J CO donuts.. (JCrown Oreo donuts pls)

Saya selalu ala-ala dehydrate. Tapi, when I dehydrate, plain water doesn't help! I need sweet drinks or anything that's sweet. So, sebenarnya, dehydrate ke apa? Tp mmg btul2 rasa mcm kering tekak sangat2! Maybe, my body tak boleh kurang gula kot? Ye ke?

But, I know that too much sweet is not good for health, especially for our teeth.. But, sadly, I just can't resists!

nyum nyum...

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

:: Pancung? ::

I used to be some1 yg tak suke para2 pemancung during traffic jammed. For me, it's rude dan tidak hormat kepada pemandu2 yg telah lama beratur.

Hubby pernah cakap, yg die just jadi pemancung once in a year.. but I dont believe him! ahahhaa

The thing is.. lepas kawin ni, I'm an active Pemancung.. I drive all d way from Bangi to KL every weekdays and because of traffic jammed, i have to be a pemancung..

Waktu mula2 dulu, I follow d line and it takes more than 1 hour driving from Bangi to KL. Isnt that ridiculous?

Then, one day, borak2 ngan one of my officemate who live in Bdr Sri Putra, and I complaint to her on amount of time dat I spend on d road everyday. Then, dia tanya.. u tak mencilok ker?

Petang tu, time balik keje.. i try to berjinak2 dlm skill pancung-memancung ni di dpn midvalley.. Wow.. Interesting.. terasa yg all this while, I habiskan masa beratur.. hahahah..

N from dat moment, activiti pancung ni become a habit to me.. mmg gian ler! ahahaha..

For those yg pernah menjadi mangsa pancung saya, I'm so sorry.. I didnt mean to be rude.. I just want to be smart..

N kindly bear in mind that I'm not a pemancung during weekends.. ehehhehe..

Have a safe trip!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

:: Anak Tiri ::

Saya telah meng'anaktiri'kan blog ini.
Saya bukannnya tiada idea untuk menulis, cuma takde rasa mahu menulis.

Friday, September 26, 2008

:: BAYI v2.0 ::

Malam tadik, Sayang mimpi Aku baru lepas bersalin. Dapat bayi lelaki. Adakah itu satu petanda?

Kami merancang untuk menimang cahaya mata hanya selepas 6 bulan berkahwin. Sekarang, baru hampir 4 bulan kami berkahwin. Tetapi, kenapa setiap kali Aku datang haid, aku rasa sedih? Adakah itu satu petanda?

Aku pernah melayari internet mencari-cari nama yang cocok untuk bayi perempuan atau lelaki kami. Rasa sungguh seronok. Adakah itu satu petanda?

Aku pernah hampir membeli Kit Ujian Kehamilan di Guardian tempoh hari, walhal, belum sampai tempoh haid aku lagi. Adakah itu satu petanda?

Aku pun tidak tahu sama ada kami bersedia atau tidak. Akan tetapi, jelasnya, kami begitu teruja untuk menimang cahaya mata. Adakah itu satu petanda?

Hanya masa yang akan menentukan..

Monday, September 22, 2008

:: RAYA? ::

Today is 22 Ramadhan.. which means, another 8 days before Syawal. This is my first Raya as a wife. So, you can imagine how excited am I :)

Kuih raya? Obviously, order :) Nak buat, mmg tak dapat la.. Oven takda n the biggest issue is TAKDE MASA! So, order 3 jenis kuih, 3 jenis kerepek, 1 jenis kacang and beli 1 jenis keropok. Actually, dunno to budget how much to buy.. Hopefully, takdela membazir :) But, I'm sure kuih2 raya tu semua sedap2. Puas hati :)

Already buy balang kuih raya at IKEA. Big bottle for RM8/pcs and a small one for RM10/pcs. But, still can't figure kat mana nak letak balang2 tu coz we have a small house and a small meja makan :D Tak kesahler.. pandai2 ler nak letak mana2 nanti. Takkan nak beli meja baru pulak kot. Luckily, dapat beli balang yg murah kat IKEA tu. Puas hati :)

Haritu beli carpet kat Bangi, cost me RM190 but, the actual price is RM400 over (as claimed by them). But, design yg cantik2 tinggal kaler biru saja. But, since me n hubby like the design, we buy that blue carpet. Puas hati :)

My baju raya pon dah ambik from tailor. Love it, especially my Blue baju :) Tapi tak beli tudung lagi. Baju for my brothers pon dah beli. Sayang pon dah beli 2 baju. Sayang pon dah beli baju raya for his parents. Puas hati :)

I really excited to celebrate this raya. Thanks to Sayang sebab buat decision that tahun ni raya at my Kampung. Thank you, sayang. Next year, kita raya kat Kedah, k?

Tak sabarnyer nak raya.. !!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

:: 100 DAYS ::

08 September 2008

Guess what, It’s has been 100 days of my marriage, 100 days of happiness, 100 days of joy, 100 days of smile and I believe this marriage, happiness, joy and smile will continuously growing until eternity!

What a thrill to be celebrating this day! Although sometimes, in this 100 days, things hasn’t been easy for us, but, glad that we made it! 100 days full of ups and downs, tears and joys, really teach us how to be a better person for each other!

Thank you for everything, darling! I know, thank you alone is not enough to show how much I appreciate everything that have you done for me, for us, for our beloved marriage! But, I just want you to know that I’m so lucky to have you as my husband! Alhamdullillah…

I’m so proud to be your wife and so proud to call you my husband, ! Thank you for coming to my life; for loving me; for seeing something in me; for sharing quiet moments together; for marrying me; for listening to my concerns and complaints; for making our marriage better; for dealing with my swing mood; for helping me doing housework; for being patient with my temper; for making decision for me; for all the attempt to make me happy and satisfy me; for trying your very best to be a good hubby. Thank you for your love, tender and care. Thank you for your hug and kiss and you-know-what.Thank you for being you!

Happy 100 days, darling and I’m looking forward for many, many more! Insya-Allah...

Lots and lots and lots and lots of LOVE, HUGS and KISSES,
Your Beloved Wife

Friday, September 5, 2008

:: Kinnaree ::


Last 2 day, me & d girls (T&D) buka puasa @ Kinnaree Thai located at JayaOne, PJ.

Komen Saya :
Food --> Sedap bangat
Ambience --> Thumbs UP!! Setting yg relax but romantic
Customer Service --> Excellence

Tak ramai orang (maybe org dont know bout this gems kot :D). So, if plan nak cuci mata, just forget it :D

THAILAND's BEST RESTAURANT 2007-2008 by Thailand Tatler

What we order?
Paper Prawns (RM16)
Shrimps & minced chicken wrapped in rice paper, served with plum sauce
Som Tum Gung Sod (RM14)
Spicy green papaya salad with fresh shrimps

Khao Suay for 3 (RM3 x 3)
Premium Thai jasmine rice
Tom Yun Talay for 2 (RM26)
Traditional spicy and sour soup with seafood and herbs
Kai Ho Bai Toey (RM20)
Marinated chicken wrapped in pandan leaves served with ginger and sesame souce
Hot Sea (RM30)
Stir-fried assorted seafood with chilli, basil leaves and green peppercorn

Kinnaree Infusion - bottomless (RM6)
Zesty, soft and refreshing blend of lemongrass tea
Peppermint Infusion - bottomless (RM6)
Lively, fresh, minty aroma blend of peppermint tea
Pure Water (RM1.8)
Phillips UV and activated carbon purified water

p/s: Semua sedap.. Sila try semua!

please pay a visit to this restaurant! Pasti tak menyesal !

Gossip Woman Who Love to Eat So Much

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

:: Nasi Tomato ::

I'm not a good cook but I try so hard to be one..

I don't help my mum in the kitchen coz I kinda irritates her sebab I buat kerja lambat..

I like to surf for recipe and try it at home.. Some of it turn out so well like my Nasi Ayam & Puding Custard.. (masuk bakul angkat sendiri)

Yesterday, I try to cook Nasi Tomato & Ayam Masak Merak for buka puasa. Memang bersemangat. Lagipun, hubby pernah cakap nak rasa I cook Nasi Tomato

Balik dari office at 4.30 sharp and straight away go to Pasar Segar (kedai runcit actually) to buy all the ingredients..

The result - TAK SEDAP!!! The rice is soo lembik and the chicken is not red in colour.. I’m so sad :(

I’m so afraid to try new recipe for buka puasa dah.. Bukan sebab patah semangat but, sian hubby sebab kena makan that Nasi Tomato..

I felt so guilty.. Lagipun, hubby dah tolong masak for sahur. Yes, dah 2 hari hubby masak untuk sahur while I sedap-sedap tidur. Thanks, hubby.. I love u so much!

Since terasa serik untuk memasak for buka puasa.. I decided that since today nak beli jerk.. So, Bazaar Ramadhan.. Here I come……!

p/s: Today, hubby buka puasa with his officemate@ Alamanda while I buka puasa with the girls (T & D) @ yet-to-be-decided-restaurant Kinnaree Thai Restaurant located at JayaOne..

Edited : Rupa2nyer nasik tu jadik lembik coz takungan air of d rice cooker dah penuh.. Bukanler sbb I tersilap budget.. Cets!

Gossip Chef Wannabe

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Today is 26 August 2008, 5 days to our Independent Day! But, I can't feel the heat! Is it because of the weather, since it always raining heavily for the past few days? Or is the heat has been absorbed by Permatang Pauh, Saiful’s sodomy case, DSAI’s 16 Sept etc.?

Honestly, I never kibarkan our jalur gemilang, neither at my house nor on my car. But, I do enjoy looking people does it. It really boosts our patriotism. I really miss tengok a lot of jalur gemilang kat kereta while on road.

Last weekend, I went back to hometown and see that my dad already kibarkan Johor & Malaysia flag in front of the house. But, along d road, our house is the only house that does it. Sad, but true.

The problem is why this is happened? Is it because 31 August is 1 day before Ramadhan? So, Muslims are more focus in celebration Ramadhan? Or Muslims are going to celebrate Merdeka with doa and solat syukur? If that so, what about other religion?

Or is it because the rakyat has lost their faith with current government? Obviously, Malaysia’s current politics is so messed up! Rakyat can’t even identify who’s wrong and who’s right. It’s clearly seen during 2008 General Election, where many kerusi that dari turun temurun belongs to BN, being replaced by BA. Where BN didn’t get their 2/3 ? Seriously, I don’t think rakyat really vote for BA, but they just want to show ketidak puashati to the government. Thus, neither BA nor BN won, actually!

Is it because the government didn’t really celebrate it? As I’m not mistaken, last year, there was celebration of Bulan Kemerdekaan from 16 August till 15 September. But, I don’t think this year we had such occasion. No budget? I don’t think so…

Or is it because of the fuel price increase? So, rakyat don’t have enough money to buy the flag? Don’t be ridiculous.. The flag just cost you a few bucks!

Or is it because we no longer live in harmony and unity? Sad to admit, but, I can clearly see that we are moving towards that. Come on, Malaysia! Hope that, during this Bulan Kemerdekaan, all Malaysian willing to put their politics aside and together we unite to celebrate Malaysia’s birthday!! Our ancestors have sacrificed so much for our Merdeka. So, please.. Let’s celebrate; we (and our ancestors of course) deserve it!

p/s: I do try to minimize the politics issue in this entry.. But apparently, the big reason for this is POLITICS! FYI, some bloggers propose Malaysian to kibarkan jalur gemilang up side down, but, our PM consider it as disrespect.. hmm

Merdeka Gossip Woman..

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Last friday, D ajak me & T to bangsar, to do threading for her eyebrows. D ada first date on Saturday, so she want to look her best :) But, since she had ad hoc meeting, she can't make it to Saluga by 7pm. Instead, I yg buat threading & waxing. Saluga is d best place for threading n waxing in KL, and the price is reasonable. And I always satisfy with the result (terasa le cantik sekejap.. hahaha) Spend RM63 at Saluga dat day and it's worth it.. Rasa2 mcm nak try brazillian wax plaks lepas nie but dunno whether I'm strong enuff to do so :D
  • eyebrows threading - RM5
  • upperlips threading - RM3
  • underarm waxing - RM10
  • half leg waxing - RM20
  • bikini waxing -25
After that, we went out shopping at Bangsar with T & D (later, join by hubby). At first, nak shopping kat Midvalley, but last minute change plan to stick with Bangsar.. Bangsar has a lot of good shop to shop till we drop, with good bargain too.. We love Bangsar so much.. tak puas shopping haritu :) But, I didnt buy anything dat day.. not because takde yang berkenan.. it just, tamak kot?

Just wonder, can't recall when is the last time I went to midvalley even tiap2 kali pegi balik keje lalu sebelah midvalley...

p/s: looking forward for shopping at Bangsar again.. T said dat Blook tgh sale.. but sadly, it start on Saturday.. nape tak Friday.. hmmm

Gossip Woman.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

:: BABIES? ::

I've been married for 68 days and kind of bored n tired of ppl asking me "baby & pregnancy" question..

dah ada isi ker?
bila dah bertiga?
dah pregnant ker?
tak teringin makan asam lagik ke?
The main question here.. Am I ready? Do me n hubby prepared for this? Can we commit? The answer is.. WE DUNNO! We dont even have much of our own sweet time.. N I wonder, how can we handle such a big commitment and responsibility?

Dont get me wrong.. we do love babies.. We really do.. In fact, we can't wait to have one.. Especially when we come accross webpage with baby pictures! (my fav one is Kak Zubye's -

But, I guess, we just unprepared.. Some of my frens said that the "feeling" will come, eventually.. It's like the mom-child bond thingy.. But, I'm just afraid...

We don't use any protection.. We just do it.. Yes, whenever we want to make love.. We don't really bother about protection or my 'subur' period.. Just go with d flow... At times, after sex, me n hubby ask each other " Ni kalau jadik ni, ready ker?" and we both don't know the answer..

Children is so adorable.. So, we can't resist..
Children is a symbol of our love.. So, we can't resist..
Children is gift from god.. So, we can't resist..

But, bare in mind..
Children is responsbility.. So, be prepared!
Children is our next generation.. So, be prepared!
Children is CHILDREN.. Just be prepared!

gossip woman

Thursday, July 17, 2008

:: KRABI ::


Just came back from my honeymoon in Krabi. Many people bila tanya, "where do u go for honeymoon?" and I reply "Krabi" and they will ask " Krabi tu kat mana?" Hehehe, my geography is also not that gud coz seriously, before this, i dont know such place exist. And that attract me n hubby to go there!

We dont really have big budget for honeymoon, so I guess Krabi is good enuff for us.. in fact, it was GREAT! Everything is great :

  • the wheather
Even it's the monsoon/ low season, it's not raining at all! Ok, hujan sekali
jer.. on d first night we were there, but sekejap jerk. Gud rite? N because
of the low season, we can bargain giler2 punyer for everything!

  • the scenery
Krabi is cantik but the most awesome is during the phi2 island tour n jungle tour.. Paling cantik is Phi2 & Emerald pool.. Wish I could be there again. The sunset is not that gorgeous, but it still can be considered cantik :D

  • the people

Orang2 kat sana semua baik2 sangat. A few time, they bagi salam tu us when me n hubby jalan2 kat Ao Nang. Ada siap tanya, "are u looking for Halal food, u can go to that restaurant, it's halal". I love my tripmates! They are awesome! During phi2 island trip, our group is consists of ppl from Thai, US, Australia, China & of course, Malaysia! Even me n hubby tak reti berenang, they helps us.. hold our hands, sort of Water Confidence Course :D Every1 is peramah and happy to know each other! U guys rawks!For jungle trip, we were in small group of 4 with a cute couple from Australia.

  • the food

Thai food is always my favourite. Can't resists the tempting Tom Yum, pad thai, fruit shake, thai pancake and many more. No more diet in Krabi, babeh! We all just eat and eat! During both trips, lunch is provided and it's halal! Mmg puas hati! The best restaurant is Yaya Seafood! Mmg best with excellent customer service! Thumbs up!

  • the shopping

  • A good place to shop but not my type of shopping, So-so ler. N it's not that cheap.. But, some ppl can really shop till they drop here.. hehehhe.

    the hotel
I lurve d hotel sooo much! Vogue Resort & Spa is highly recommended. We booked the room from and upgrade it to Honeymoon Suite for additional 500bath/night :) Rasa macam duduk dalam jungle! Mmg puas hati, Cuma, banyak sangat tangga.. Got 105 steps from the lobby to our room!!

Yes.. everything is sooo great! I miss Krabi sooo much. Have so many pixs to share but as usual, I'm very MALAS!!


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Friday, July 4, 2008

:: V.E.T.E.R.A.N. ::

Even I never work in any other company, but, I’m very sure that working in TM is not the same as working in other corporate company. The main sebab for this is because it’s an ex-government company & GLC.

If you ask all TM’s staff to line up, we can clearly see so many muka-muka atok and nenek! Yes! Most of TM’s staff is above 40 years old. Some of them start to work in TM even during Jabatan Telekom’s time. I guess it’s not kejam for me to say that TM has a lot of ‘veteran’ people. Veteran dalam konteks corporate world.

With so many makcik2 in here, most of female staff here wear baju kurung everyday. Yerp.. everyday! And if not, they will wear a very decent blause with longgar skirt or pants. Since I’m stuck in this company and to kurangkan suara2 pedas yang menegur, I also has to wears like that. At times, terasa macam kampong-kampung pon ada jugak. Yerla, if I outing after work, go to midvalley ke KLCC ke, I wears that decent baju kurung and decent black shoes. Sooo not me! Me at work is not the real me! Sorry to admit that I am hypocrite in this scenario.

Working in telecommunications company, people used to imagine a company with very cutting edge technology, but, can you imagine how much can this makcik/pakcik adopt with this? I’m not saying those makcik/pakcik tak boleh cope langsung. Most of them are technology/ computer excellence, especially for executive and above. I’m saying yang kerani-kerani aged above 40 with only SPM qualifications. They can do basic computer jobs but when it comes to something new, I need a lot of patient to teach them coz they need time to understand (or memorize?) the steps etc. And, patient is something that I am lack of !

Hey, I’m not that bad ok, I do see good thing also, ok! The best thing for this is they are very loyal to the company. Betul! Very loyal! Can you imagine they have work in TM for 30 years? They were with TM in ups and downs. If you kutuk-kutuk TM lebih-lebih, I’m sure they will stand and mempertahankan their beloved company.

And since they already work sooo long in TM, from kerja-kerja manual sampai ke zaman IT, they really specialized in what they do. Pernah one staff ni cerita that she used to work in HR/Finance Department, where she handled salary. She said that during old days, all the staff akan beratur to get their salary and signed the big log book once they get it. You can imagine how messy can it be. It needs meticulous people to do that fussy work, involve money (salary summore!) and people. I wonder if there’s any query 2-3 years after that, confirm parah nak dig balik all those documents.

Regardless of the negative issues, I do enjoy work in here. I learn a lot, not just work related. If ada problem, I can always get their opinion and trust me, their thought and opinion is very useful, yerla, diorang makan garam dulu dari kita kan? They even sort of my health/diet instructor because they jaga my diet, jangan makan banyak if I look gemuks and suruh I makan banyak2 bila I looks kurus sangat.

So, I guess, no matter where you work and who you work with, there's always positive and negative issues. Life is balance, remember! So, just observe, learn and cope with it. And, don’t forget to ENJOY!!!

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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Me? Blogging?

Never cross my mind that I'll start blogging and I never thought I'm hardworking enuff to continue blogging. But, this week, I tend to enjoy my fren's blog thru frenster and it triggers me to blog! So, say HELLO to blog world!

But, why blog? I always has many thoughts in my mind and sometime, it's killing me like hell! I know that hubby and my girlfrens are always be there for me to lend their ears.. but, sometime, I need other method to express it :D I guess, I try to blog to make me SANE! :D

At first, I create blog thru frenster also, but, since I didn't like d idea of frenster send email to all my frens lists each time I update d blog, I delete my frenster's blog and migrate to blogspot. Actually, I don't intend to tell my frens and even my hubby that I have start blogging. At least, not this time.. But, I dont know how long can I keep it from my hubby. Why secret? Sebab, I'm afraid! Yes, afraid that whatever I write, will hurt my beloved hubby and frens feeling. As a result, I may not get any comments in my blog. My blog will looks pathetic.. hahahah

So, just wait and see whether this blog will continously having new entry or not? Let the time tell.. And to my friends, if you accidentally find this blog and read it.. hope you understand... :) Cheers!

gossip woman :)