Thursday, July 17, 2008

:: KRABI ::


Just came back from my honeymoon in Krabi. Many people bila tanya, "where do u go for honeymoon?" and I reply "Krabi" and they will ask " Krabi tu kat mana?" Hehehe, my geography is also not that gud coz seriously, before this, i dont know such place exist. And that attract me n hubby to go there!

We dont really have big budget for honeymoon, so I guess Krabi is good enuff for us.. in fact, it was GREAT! Everything is great :

  • the wheather
Even it's the monsoon/ low season, it's not raining at all! Ok, hujan sekali
jer.. on d first night we were there, but sekejap jerk. Gud rite? N because
of the low season, we can bargain giler2 punyer for everything!

  • the scenery
Krabi is cantik but the most awesome is during the phi2 island tour n jungle tour.. Paling cantik is Phi2 & Emerald pool.. Wish I could be there again. The sunset is not that gorgeous, but it still can be considered cantik :D

  • the people

Orang2 kat sana semua baik2 sangat. A few time, they bagi salam tu us when me n hubby jalan2 kat Ao Nang. Ada siap tanya, "are u looking for Halal food, u can go to that restaurant, it's halal". I love my tripmates! They are awesome! During phi2 island trip, our group is consists of ppl from Thai, US, Australia, China & of course, Malaysia! Even me n hubby tak reti berenang, they helps us.. hold our hands, sort of Water Confidence Course :D Every1 is peramah and happy to know each other! U guys rawks!For jungle trip, we were in small group of 4 with a cute couple from Australia.

  • the food

Thai food is always my favourite. Can't resists the tempting Tom Yum, pad thai, fruit shake, thai pancake and many more. No more diet in Krabi, babeh! We all just eat and eat! During both trips, lunch is provided and it's halal! Mmg puas hati! The best restaurant is Yaya Seafood! Mmg best with excellent customer service! Thumbs up!

  • the shopping

  • A good place to shop but not my type of shopping, So-so ler. N it's not that cheap.. But, some ppl can really shop till they drop here.. hehehhe.

    the hotel
I lurve d hotel sooo much! Vogue Resort & Spa is highly recommended. We booked the room from and upgrade it to Honeymoon Suite for additional 500bath/night :) Rasa macam duduk dalam jungle! Mmg puas hati, Cuma, banyak sangat tangga.. Got 105 steps from the lobby to our room!!

Yes.. everything is sooo great! I miss Krabi sooo much. Have so many pixs to share but as usual, I'm very MALAS!!


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Friday, July 4, 2008

:: V.E.T.E.R.A.N. ::

Even I never work in any other company, but, I’m very sure that working in TM is not the same as working in other corporate company. The main sebab for this is because it’s an ex-government company & GLC.

If you ask all TM’s staff to line up, we can clearly see so many muka-muka atok and nenek! Yes! Most of TM’s staff is above 40 years old. Some of them start to work in TM even during Jabatan Telekom’s time. I guess it’s not kejam for me to say that TM has a lot of ‘veteran’ people. Veteran dalam konteks corporate world.

With so many makcik2 in here, most of female staff here wear baju kurung everyday. Yerp.. everyday! And if not, they will wear a very decent blause with longgar skirt or pants. Since I’m stuck in this company and to kurangkan suara2 pedas yang menegur, I also has to wears like that. At times, terasa macam kampong-kampung pon ada jugak. Yerla, if I outing after work, go to midvalley ke KLCC ke, I wears that decent baju kurung and decent black shoes. Sooo not me! Me at work is not the real me! Sorry to admit that I am hypocrite in this scenario.

Working in telecommunications company, people used to imagine a company with very cutting edge technology, but, can you imagine how much can this makcik/pakcik adopt with this? I’m not saying those makcik/pakcik tak boleh cope langsung. Most of them are technology/ computer excellence, especially for executive and above. I’m saying yang kerani-kerani aged above 40 with only SPM qualifications. They can do basic computer jobs but when it comes to something new, I need a lot of patient to teach them coz they need time to understand (or memorize?) the steps etc. And, patient is something that I am lack of !

Hey, I’m not that bad ok, I do see good thing also, ok! The best thing for this is they are very loyal to the company. Betul! Very loyal! Can you imagine they have work in TM for 30 years? They were with TM in ups and downs. If you kutuk-kutuk TM lebih-lebih, I’m sure they will stand and mempertahankan their beloved company.

And since they already work sooo long in TM, from kerja-kerja manual sampai ke zaman IT, they really specialized in what they do. Pernah one staff ni cerita that she used to work in HR/Finance Department, where she handled salary. She said that during old days, all the staff akan beratur to get their salary and signed the big log book once they get it. You can imagine how messy can it be. It needs meticulous people to do that fussy work, involve money (salary summore!) and people. I wonder if there’s any query 2-3 years after that, confirm parah nak dig balik all those documents.

Regardless of the negative issues, I do enjoy work in here. I learn a lot, not just work related. If ada problem, I can always get their opinion and trust me, their thought and opinion is very useful, yerla, diorang makan garam dulu dari kita kan? They even sort of my health/diet instructor because they jaga my diet, jangan makan banyak if I look gemuks and suruh I makan banyak2 bila I looks kurus sangat.

So, I guess, no matter where you work and who you work with, there's always positive and negative issues. Life is balance, remember! So, just observe, learn and cope with it. And, don’t forget to ENJOY!!!

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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Me? Blogging?

Never cross my mind that I'll start blogging and I never thought I'm hardworking enuff to continue blogging. But, this week, I tend to enjoy my fren's blog thru frenster and it triggers me to blog! So, say HELLO to blog world!

But, why blog? I always has many thoughts in my mind and sometime, it's killing me like hell! I know that hubby and my girlfrens are always be there for me to lend their ears.. but, sometime, I need other method to express it :D I guess, I try to blog to make me SANE! :D

At first, I create blog thru frenster also, but, since I didn't like d idea of frenster send email to all my frens lists each time I update d blog, I delete my frenster's blog and migrate to blogspot. Actually, I don't intend to tell my frens and even my hubby that I have start blogging. At least, not this time.. But, I dont know how long can I keep it from my hubby. Why secret? Sebab, I'm afraid! Yes, afraid that whatever I write, will hurt my beloved hubby and frens feeling. As a result, I may not get any comments in my blog. My blog will looks pathetic.. hahahah

So, just wait and see whether this blog will continously having new entry or not? Let the time tell.. And to my friends, if you accidentally find this blog and read it.. hope you understand... :) Cheers!

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