Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Today is 26 August 2008, 5 days to our Independent Day! But, I can't feel the heat! Is it because of the weather, since it always raining heavily for the past few days? Or is the heat has been absorbed by Permatang Pauh, Saiful’s sodomy case, DSAI’s 16 Sept etc.?

Honestly, I never kibarkan our jalur gemilang, neither at my house nor on my car. But, I do enjoy looking people does it. It really boosts our patriotism. I really miss tengok a lot of jalur gemilang kat kereta while on road.

Last weekend, I went back to hometown and see that my dad already kibarkan Johor & Malaysia flag in front of the house. But, along d road, our house is the only house that does it. Sad, but true.

The problem is why this is happened? Is it because 31 August is 1 day before Ramadhan? So, Muslims are more focus in celebration Ramadhan? Or Muslims are going to celebrate Merdeka with doa and solat syukur? If that so, what about other religion?

Or is it because the rakyat has lost their faith with current government? Obviously, Malaysia’s current politics is so messed up! Rakyat can’t even identify who’s wrong and who’s right. It’s clearly seen during 2008 General Election, where many kerusi that dari turun temurun belongs to BN, being replaced by BA. Where BN didn’t get their 2/3 ? Seriously, I don’t think rakyat really vote for BA, but they just want to show ketidak puashati to the government. Thus, neither BA nor BN won, actually!

Is it because the government didn’t really celebrate it? As I’m not mistaken, last year, there was celebration of Bulan Kemerdekaan from 16 August till 15 September. But, I don’t think this year we had such occasion. No budget? I don’t think so…

Or is it because of the fuel price increase? So, rakyat don’t have enough money to buy the flag? Don’t be ridiculous.. The flag just cost you a few bucks!

Or is it because we no longer live in harmony and unity? Sad to admit, but, I can clearly see that we are moving towards that. Come on, Malaysia! Hope that, during this Bulan Kemerdekaan, all Malaysian willing to put their politics aside and together we unite to celebrate Malaysia’s birthday!! Our ancestors have sacrificed so much for our Merdeka. So, please.. Let’s celebrate; we (and our ancestors of course) deserve it!

p/s: I do try to minimize the politics issue in this entry.. But apparently, the big reason for this is POLITICS! FYI, some bloggers propose Malaysian to kibarkan jalur gemilang up side down, but, our PM consider it as disrespect.. hmm

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Last friday, D ajak me & T to bangsar, to do threading for her eyebrows. D ada first date on Saturday, so she want to look her best :) But, since she had ad hoc meeting, she can't make it to Saluga by 7pm. Instead, I yg buat threading & waxing. Saluga is d best place for threading n waxing in KL, and the price is reasonable. And I always satisfy with the result (terasa le cantik sekejap.. hahaha) Spend RM63 at Saluga dat day and it's worth it.. Rasa2 mcm nak try brazillian wax plaks lepas nie but dunno whether I'm strong enuff to do so :D
  • eyebrows threading - RM5
  • upperlips threading - RM3
  • underarm waxing - RM10
  • half leg waxing - RM20
  • bikini waxing -25
After that, we went out shopping at Bangsar with T & D (later, join by hubby). At first, nak shopping kat Midvalley, but last minute change plan to stick with Bangsar.. Bangsar has a lot of good shop to shop till we drop, with good bargain too.. We love Bangsar so much.. tak puas shopping haritu :) But, I didnt buy anything dat day.. not because takde yang berkenan.. it just, tamak kot?

Just wonder, can't recall when is the last time I went to midvalley even tiap2 kali pegi balik keje lalu sebelah midvalley...

p/s: looking forward for shopping at Bangsar again.. T said dat Blook tgh sale.. but sadly, it start on Saturday.. nape tak Friday.. hmmm

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Thursday, August 7, 2008

:: BABIES? ::

I've been married for 68 days and kind of bored n tired of ppl asking me "baby & pregnancy" question..

dah ada isi ker?
bila dah bertiga?
dah pregnant ker?
tak teringin makan asam lagik ke?
The main question here.. Am I ready? Do me n hubby prepared for this? Can we commit? The answer is.. WE DUNNO! We dont even have much of our own sweet time.. N I wonder, how can we handle such a big commitment and responsibility?

Dont get me wrong.. we do love babies.. We really do.. In fact, we can't wait to have one.. Especially when we come accross webpage with baby pictures! (my fav one is Kak Zubye's - http://eyesofgrace.blogspot.com/)

But, I guess, we just unprepared.. Some of my frens said that the "feeling" will come, eventually.. It's like the mom-child bond thingy.. But, I'm just afraid...

We don't use any protection.. We just do it.. Yes, whenever we want to make love.. We don't really bother about protection or my 'subur' period.. Just go with d flow... At times, after sex, me n hubby ask each other " Ni kalau jadik ni, ready ker?" and we both don't know the answer..

Children is so adorable.. So, we can't resist..
Children is a symbol of our love.. So, we can't resist..
Children is gift from god.. So, we can't resist..

But, bare in mind..
Children is responsbility.. So, be prepared!
Children is our next generation.. So, be prepared!
Children is CHILDREN.. Just be prepared!

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