Friday, September 26, 2008

:: BAYI v2.0 ::

Malam tadik, Sayang mimpi Aku baru lepas bersalin. Dapat bayi lelaki. Adakah itu satu petanda?

Kami merancang untuk menimang cahaya mata hanya selepas 6 bulan berkahwin. Sekarang, baru hampir 4 bulan kami berkahwin. Tetapi, kenapa setiap kali Aku datang haid, aku rasa sedih? Adakah itu satu petanda?

Aku pernah melayari internet mencari-cari nama yang cocok untuk bayi perempuan atau lelaki kami. Rasa sungguh seronok. Adakah itu satu petanda?

Aku pernah hampir membeli Kit Ujian Kehamilan di Guardian tempoh hari, walhal, belum sampai tempoh haid aku lagi. Adakah itu satu petanda?

Aku pun tidak tahu sama ada kami bersedia atau tidak. Akan tetapi, jelasnya, kami begitu teruja untuk menimang cahaya mata. Adakah itu satu petanda?

Hanya masa yang akan menentukan..

Monday, September 22, 2008

:: RAYA? ::

Today is 22 Ramadhan.. which means, another 8 days before Syawal. This is my first Raya as a wife. So, you can imagine how excited am I :)

Kuih raya? Obviously, order :) Nak buat, mmg tak dapat la.. Oven takda n the biggest issue is TAKDE MASA! So, order 3 jenis kuih, 3 jenis kerepek, 1 jenis kacang and beli 1 jenis keropok. Actually, dunno to budget how much to buy.. Hopefully, takdela membazir :) But, I'm sure kuih2 raya tu semua sedap2. Puas hati :)

Already buy balang kuih raya at IKEA. Big bottle for RM8/pcs and a small one for RM10/pcs. But, still can't figure kat mana nak letak balang2 tu coz we have a small house and a small meja makan :D Tak kesahler.. pandai2 ler nak letak mana2 nanti. Takkan nak beli meja baru pulak kot. Luckily, dapat beli balang yg murah kat IKEA tu. Puas hati :)

Haritu beli carpet kat Bangi, cost me RM190 but, the actual price is RM400 over (as claimed by them). But, design yg cantik2 tinggal kaler biru saja. But, since me n hubby like the design, we buy that blue carpet. Puas hati :)

My baju raya pon dah ambik from tailor. Love it, especially my Blue baju :) Tapi tak beli tudung lagi. Baju for my brothers pon dah beli. Sayang pon dah beli 2 baju. Sayang pon dah beli baju raya for his parents. Puas hati :)

I really excited to celebrate this raya. Thanks to Sayang sebab buat decision that tahun ni raya at my Kampung. Thank you, sayang. Next year, kita raya kat Kedah, k?

Tak sabarnyer nak raya.. !!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

:: 100 DAYS ::

08 September 2008

Guess what, It’s has been 100 days of my marriage, 100 days of happiness, 100 days of joy, 100 days of smile and I believe this marriage, happiness, joy and smile will continuously growing until eternity!

What a thrill to be celebrating this day! Although sometimes, in this 100 days, things hasn’t been easy for us, but, glad that we made it! 100 days full of ups and downs, tears and joys, really teach us how to be a better person for each other!

Thank you for everything, darling! I know, thank you alone is not enough to show how much I appreciate everything that have you done for me, for us, for our beloved marriage! But, I just want you to know that I’m so lucky to have you as my husband! Alhamdullillah…

I’m so proud to be your wife and so proud to call you my husband, ! Thank you for coming to my life; for loving me; for seeing something in me; for sharing quiet moments together; for marrying me; for listening to my concerns and complaints; for making our marriage better; for dealing with my swing mood; for helping me doing housework; for being patient with my temper; for making decision for me; for all the attempt to make me happy and satisfy me; for trying your very best to be a good hubby. Thank you for your love, tender and care. Thank you for your hug and kiss and you-know-what.Thank you for being you!

Happy 100 days, darling and I’m looking forward for many, many more! Insya-Allah...

Lots and lots and lots and lots of LOVE, HUGS and KISSES,
Your Beloved Wife

Friday, September 5, 2008

:: Kinnaree ::


Last 2 day, me & d girls (T&D) buka puasa @ Kinnaree Thai located at JayaOne, PJ.

Komen Saya :
Food --> Sedap bangat
Ambience --> Thumbs UP!! Setting yg relax but romantic
Customer Service --> Excellence

Tak ramai orang (maybe org dont know bout this gems kot :D). So, if plan nak cuci mata, just forget it :D

THAILAND's BEST RESTAURANT 2007-2008 by Thailand Tatler

What we order?
Paper Prawns (RM16)
Shrimps & minced chicken wrapped in rice paper, served with plum sauce
Som Tum Gung Sod (RM14)
Spicy green papaya salad with fresh shrimps

Khao Suay for 3 (RM3 x 3)
Premium Thai jasmine rice
Tom Yun Talay for 2 (RM26)
Traditional spicy and sour soup with seafood and herbs
Kai Ho Bai Toey (RM20)
Marinated chicken wrapped in pandan leaves served with ginger and sesame souce
Hot Sea (RM30)
Stir-fried assorted seafood with chilli, basil leaves and green peppercorn

Kinnaree Infusion - bottomless (RM6)
Zesty, soft and refreshing blend of lemongrass tea
Peppermint Infusion - bottomless (RM6)
Lively, fresh, minty aroma blend of peppermint tea
Pure Water (RM1.8)
Phillips UV and activated carbon purified water

p/s: Semua sedap.. Sila try semua!

please pay a visit to this restaurant! Pasti tak menyesal !

Gossip Woman Who Love to Eat So Much

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

:: Nasi Tomato ::

I'm not a good cook but I try so hard to be one..

I don't help my mum in the kitchen coz I kinda irritates her sebab I buat kerja lambat..

I like to surf for recipe and try it at home.. Some of it turn out so well like my Nasi Ayam & Puding Custard.. (masuk bakul angkat sendiri)

Yesterday, I try to cook Nasi Tomato & Ayam Masak Merak for buka puasa. Memang bersemangat. Lagipun, hubby pernah cakap nak rasa I cook Nasi Tomato

Balik dari office at 4.30 sharp and straight away go to Pasar Segar (kedai runcit actually) to buy all the ingredients..

The result - TAK SEDAP!!! The rice is soo lembik and the chicken is not red in colour.. I’m so sad :(

I’m so afraid to try new recipe for buka puasa dah.. Bukan sebab patah semangat but, sian hubby sebab kena makan that Nasi Tomato..

I felt so guilty.. Lagipun, hubby dah tolong masak for sahur. Yes, dah 2 hari hubby masak untuk sahur while I sedap-sedap tidur. Thanks, hubby.. I love u so much!

Since terasa serik untuk memasak for buka puasa.. I decided that since today nak beli jerk.. So, Bazaar Ramadhan.. Here I come……!

p/s: Today, hubby buka puasa with his officemate@ Alamanda while I buka puasa with the girls (T & D) @ yet-to-be-decided-restaurant Kinnaree Thai Restaurant located at JayaOne..

Edited : Rupa2nyer nasik tu jadik lembik coz takungan air of d rice cooker dah penuh.. Bukanler sbb I tersilap budget.. Cets!

Gossip Chef Wannabe