Tuesday, November 25, 2008

:: Fuel Price ::

This morning, Phat Fabes and Nadia are discussing about FOMCA suggestion of RM3/litre for FLOOR fuel price. Obviously, that suggestion is soooooooo damn ridiculous! Try to call The Pagi's Show to express my opinion, tapi engaged le pulak. Plus, I'm driving at dat time.

That RM3/litre should the CEILING price.. not FLOOR price! Sedangkan price of RM2/litre pon tersedak-sedak nak bayar.. ni kan minimum price set to RM3!

One of FOMCA's reason is to promote people to use public transportation. Hahahahah.. buat lawak ker? People don't opt for public transport for millions of reason, antaranyer :
  • The service is ****ing teribble! LRT selalu rosak, bas dah uzur, etc. Tu tak campur ngan staff diorang tu...
  • The coverage is not wide enuff. Ada banyak lagi tempat yang not accessible via public transport (taxi is not relevant in this issue sebabnyer taxi sangat mahal!).
  • The price of the ticket is not dat cheap! Seriusly, lg murah kalau naik kereta (kongsi kereta is better)
  • Lembap! Sometimes, from rumah kene naik bas pegi LRT station, then, tukar train pulaks, pastu from the station, nak kene amik bas/ taxi to our destination. Obviously, mmg ler lambat dari drive our own car..

Last but not least, for me, FOMCA's suggestion gives benefit only to Rich-People because since all the Poor-People and Average-People can't afford to buy petrol yang mahal, terpaksa ler bersesak2 guna that lousy public transport, so that only Rich-People yang mampu bawak kereta, so takdela traffic jammed and they can be the king of the road.

Life is fair, huh?!



Friday, November 21, 2008

:: ACCA ::

I always have a big interest to become an ACCA holder, even before I pursue my Degree in Accounting. Sebabnya, for me, ACCA is the most establish professional accounting body, recognised worldwide. I just want to be a Certified Accountant :)

Last month, Yayasan TM open the application untuk pembiayaan for staff yang nak sambung belajar. So, tanpa berpikir panjang, I grab the opportunity and apply for it.

This morning, I attend the interview session bagi proses pemilihan for sponsoring staff for ACCA. Huhuhu, rasa giler cuak because it has been longgggggg time since my last interview. Then, before masuk, find out that one of the panel is my GM, En Radzuan. Adush, cuak kuasa dua!

Time masuk bilik interview tu, mmg tersangat ler ketar. But then, all the panels (4 of them) relaks jerk, so, I just make myself comfortable. Overall, the interview when well, even I can't answer some of the question (ada ker die tanyer berapa TM's revenue for Quarter 3, 2008! Mmg tak ingat ler..) But, as always, if I get the 2nd change, I'm definately will do a whole lot better!

Dunno when will they announce the result, but I'm pretty sure it's soon.. Hopefully, I get it :) Insya-Allah

Tapi, am I ready to be a student again? Otak dah berkarat, banyak komitmen, adush! It's going to be tough but I take it as a challenge :) (dapat pon tak lagik, dah berangan.. eheheheh)



Friday, November 14, 2008

:: Happy Birthday Day o_00 ::

:: Punch? Tag? ::

I've 3 card to tag on my way to work..

Perjalanan pergi kerja
  1. Apartment access card - out
  2. Touch n go - tol sg ramal
  3. Touch n go - tol kajang
  4. Touch n go - tol sg besi
  5. Staff card - parking in
  6. Staff card - floor access in

Perjalanan balik kerja

  1. Staff card - floor access out
  2. Staff card - parking out
  3. Touch n go - tol sg besi
  4. Touch n go - tol kajang
  5. Apartment access card - out

So, in total AT LEAST 11 kali I tag all the cards daily. Tu tak masuk kalau keluar pegi toilet etc.

Oleh kerana itu, selalu ler tersalah tag. Contoh, time kat parking office, ter'tag' kad touch n go. Or tag Staff card kat touch n go..

Conclusion nyer, Ada ker sistem/ cara supaya boleh combine all 3 cards so that takdela malu biler tersalah 'tag'?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

:: Today is Wednesday ::

Being a typical human being, my favourite day of the week is Saturday coz it's weekends (obviously!). So, I can do all the fun stuff, pending action etc. It's all about hubby, family and friends! Isn't it great!

Sunday needs to fall to no 2 due to the fact that the next day is Monday, the first day of work! So, I rather spend my Sunday doing something very relaxing. That's y ppl call it Lazy Sunday!

So, here come the weekdays and the award goes to FRIDAY (or flyday, proclaimed by FlyFM annoucers :D) Why? Clearly because it's the end of weekdays, prove that I survive 5 working days and tomorrow is holiday!

Next, I love Wednesday sebabnyer hubby balik awal on Wed sebab it's Sony's No OT Day! Yeay! So, boleh lepak2, spend quality time with hubby :) Muahs

5th place is shared by Tuesday and Thursday! Coz both days are my fav TV day! Yeay! Love 90210 and Grey's Anatomy on Tuesday and of course, Amazing Race Asia and Heroes on Thursday!

Last but not least, sorry, Monday coz u've to be the last and will forever be last.. You are like the ugly duckling. Pity you but I guess, many ppl hate monday as much as I do, so I guess, you used to be hate... hihihiih

I live my life to the fullest and I love it!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

:: Kontrak ::

One of my staff, SNA is pekerja contract in Tele-temps. In order words, she's not TM's staff even she works in TM.

Kesian kat SNA n all pekerja kontrak ni sebabnyer their salary is soooooo low. Can you imagine she have to survive every month with RM1200. Tu tak tolak EPF lagi. How can we survive duduk KL mcm ni, kan? Teringat time mula-mula I start work in TM as a Executive Sandaran with RM1100 salary.. Mmg perit!

Plus, she's not entitled for TM's benefit such as medical, loans, increment, bonus, esos etc. If sakit, kena pegi govt clinic. Bila orang lain tgh happy dapat increment, bonus or ESOS, dia just bleh tengok jerk.. Kesian kan..

Lagi satu, she really nak balik Kuantan, her hometown. Plus, her boyfriend is in Kuantan. So, mmg hati tinggal ler kat Kuantan tu.. eheheh

Due to that reason (salary + benefit + location), she actively carik keje lain. Kitorang pon tak boleh ler nak selfish coz that's her life and obviously stay in TM with that condition is not an option. Lucky for her, semalam, keluar result that dia dapat keje kat Jabatan Akauntan Negara. Cuma, belum tau dapat posting mana.

As a result, kitorang ni mmg gelabah ler. Nak carik replacement as good as her (yes, she's a very good worker). If dapat replacement, kena go thru all the training process balik. Lepastu, Kak dell pulak next week dah start leave for Haji. Adoi.. mmg pening kepala...

Back to SNA's story. Sedih sangat terpaksa let go such a good worker like SNA. Bengang je ngan policy TM which tak boleh absorb contract staff to become permanent (bodoh kan?) And sebab nak jaga budget (opex especially), kene ambik contract staff. For me, it's not a good policy in the long run. Haih..

Hopefully dapat replacement cepat-cepat + rajin + senang nak diajar + stay lama skit.. Tak larat dah nak go thru all d process all over again..

Summary : I'm going to be very busy this 2-3 months.. Adeh! Nak tukar department, boleh?

Monday, November 10, 2008

:: Missing d Girls ::

I miss my girlfriends.. A LOT!

Lepas kahwin ni, I seldom hang out with them. Not because that I'm too busy being a wife.. It just we don't have an opportunity to hang out

Antara sebab utama adalah lokasi. Yes, I live in Bandar Baru Bangi, while T live in Subang and D is in KJ. So, if takat nak keluar minum2 or lepak2, mmg agak susah ler..

Another reason is skrg, I have a hubby. So, hubby is fully responsible for me. So, kalau boleh, if nak hang out after office hour, tak boleh ler balik lambat sangat sebab nanti I've to drive alone back to Bangi.

And since I've been married, diorang segan nak datang melepak2 my house. Yerla, skrg dah ada hubby.. Malu le konon.. ahahhah

But, the big reason is sebab takde peluang.. Three of us mmg sibuk jer every weekend. Susah nak carik weekend yang all the 3 of us, free from any event, komitmen etc.

Really miss them a lot! Rindu nak lepak2 sama2, baring2 atas katil sambil borak2, out for movie, shopping together, makan2 at all type of kedai, from gerai tepi jalan to fancy restaurant. Uwaaa.... I need a break for a wonderful weekend with my girlfriend!! *sigh*

Hopefully, tahun depan, if ada rezeki.. boleh go on vacation with the girlfriends! It will be so much fun! *pray*

To my girlfriends.. sorry for not spending time with u lately.. I still love all of you :) *hugs*


Thursday, November 6, 2008

:: Sweet Treats ::

I have a sweet teeth. NOKTAH!

Saya suka desert.. Desert makes me happy :) I love all kinds of deserts.. chocolates, cakes, ice-cream, pudding, kuih, cookies, fruits, drinks!

That's y, i looooveeeee to make my own desert.. Paling suka, buat pudding.. Coz it's nice, sweet, cold and easy to cook! This week, saya buat Rich Choc Pudding. Memang sedap!! ahahhaha!

I always craving for desert.. almost everyweek, saya ada mengidam satu benda2 manis nie..

This week, I'm craving for Wondermilk's cuppacakes ..
Last week, teringin nak makan J CO donuts.. (JCrown Oreo donuts pls)

Saya selalu ala-ala dehydrate. Tapi, when I dehydrate, plain water doesn't help! I need sweet drinks or anything that's sweet. So, sebenarnya, dehydrate ke apa? Tp mmg btul2 rasa mcm kering tekak sangat2! Maybe, my body tak boleh kurang gula kot? Ye ke?

But, I know that too much sweet is not good for health, especially for our teeth.. But, sadly, I just can't resists!

nyum nyum...

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

:: Pancung? ::

I used to be some1 yg tak suke para2 pemancung during traffic jammed. For me, it's rude dan tidak hormat kepada pemandu2 yg telah lama beratur.

Hubby pernah cakap, yg die just jadi pemancung once in a year.. but I dont believe him! ahahhaa

The thing is.. lepas kawin ni, I'm an active Pemancung.. I drive all d way from Bangi to KL every weekdays and because of traffic jammed, i have to be a pemancung..

Waktu mula2 dulu, I follow d line and it takes more than 1 hour driving from Bangi to KL. Isnt that ridiculous?

Then, one day, borak2 ngan one of my officemate who live in Bdr Sri Putra, and I complaint to her on amount of time dat I spend on d road everyday. Then, dia tanya.. u tak mencilok ker?

Petang tu, time balik keje.. i try to berjinak2 dlm skill pancung-memancung ni di dpn midvalley.. Wow.. Interesting.. terasa yg all this while, I habiskan masa beratur.. hahahah..

N from dat moment, activiti pancung ni become a habit to me.. mmg gian ler! ahahaha..

For those yg pernah menjadi mangsa pancung saya, I'm so sorry.. I didnt mean to be rude.. I just want to be smart..

N kindly bear in mind that I'm not a pemancung during weekends.. ehehhehe..

Have a safe trip!