Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Read an interesting article in The Star Online :

Rigid security even to surf Net

Basically, the article is about betapa susah/ leceh nak surf the world wide web in Mumbai. If pegi cybercafe, they need to bagi all the basic particulars such as age, sex etc . Not only that, they need to show their photographic-identification card .

Tapi, yang paling ridiculous is kene submit 2 copy of gambar passport!!! Saiko kan? If nak surf internet everyday, kene ada 60 keping gambar sebulan.. Just wonder, owner kedai tu buat apa ngan gambar2 tu.. sampai 2 keping pulak tu! Hantar pegi agen carik jodoh erk?

And all of this sebagai langkah berjaga2 for any terrorists attack as there's some assumption that they communicate via internet..

So, being able to surf the net at your most convenient way, anytime, anywhere.. we should be thankful that we're in Malaysia, regardless for the speed, of course. (Hmm, I wonder how things gonna change after HSBB (what is it? google it!) implementation)

p/s: Orang Mumbai = Mumbaikar ?? Nape tak panggil Mumbaiian?


Monday, December 1, 2008


I'm in the mood of holiday~! Terasa need time-out and go for holiday with hubby & frens. So, saja2 surf harga tiket flight AirAsia. Hmm, tempting...

But, banyak harga yang murah2 is for bulan 8 onwards, which is toooo far away. Lagipon, in case I'm pregnant.. takkan nak burn tiket tu plaks sebab if pregnant more than 6 months, tak boleh naik flight, unless nak go thru all the hassle mintak letter from doctor. If pregnant less than 6 months pon, musti tak boleh nak buat aktiviti2 lasak sangat such as naik speed boat ker snorkeling ke.. etc. hmm..

As now is bulan Dec, the best time for holiday is before May. But, of course ler, harga tiket yang murah2 telah dirembat oleh orang2 lain. Tinggal ler yang tak berapa nak murah and not-so-favourable-destination. Susah ler, budget tak banyak.. Yerla, we are still in 'recovering' period after marriage.. So, financial situation is not that stable. Have a lot of other things to do/ buy.

So far, based on harga yang reasonable and location yg boleh dikatakan menarik, my fav 2 choice would be Kota Kinabalu and Padang, Indonesia. KK sebab murah, tak pernah pegi, SEAFOOD!, shopping... While, Padang sebab sejuk, cantik, shopping.

Preferred date pulaks is antara 28-31 March or 23-26 April. Hubby kata, give him 1 day to decide.. huhuuh.. taktau ler apa decision dier..

p/s: Ikutkan hati nak pegi London or HongKong Disneyland.. tp enggak ada budget, dong!